8 reasons why your business needs a website in 2021

8 reasons why your business needs a website in 2021

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Why does a business need a website in 2021?

We are in a time where technology is part and parcel of our life. There is merely no business or a person who isn\’t benefited by technology at any given time. As technology keeps growing, access to technology is closer and simpler too. A decade back, sending an email was a big deal but not now. It is as simple as blinking our eyes. But as technologies take up new places in life, some technologies do die. Once a crazy fan of Orkut didn\’t turn towards it after Facebook, leading to the death of Orkut ( One of the earliest social media platforms).

Does \”the Website\” nearing its death as technologies (Social Media platforms, Messengers, other interaction platforms) grow rapidly?

I don\’t think so. No matter what has come in the past decade or so, people haven\’t turned their back on websites. When it comes to a business, a website makes a big difference. Let\’s see why does a business need a website in 2021?

8 Reasons Why your Business needs a Website in 2021:

Every business is strongly built on what a consumer needs and what the business gives the consumer. By considering this simple equation, let\’s see what a consumer looks for when it comes to a business website, even in 2021.


Customers have always looked for a space to know more about your business. It helped them learn about a business before they try them and even after so many social media platforms, customers are still strong in their belief of expectations towards a Website. A business without a website sounds so low in today\’s customer view.

As we discussed in our previous point, customers started expecting it somehow, and it has added a subconscious thought of credibility towards a business with a website.

It is one of the best ways to stand out in front of all your competitors. The better and clear the website is, the chances of winning the client\’s heart are better. A website will make you sound legit in time as this when everyone is working from their residence and all they can depend on is your online presence.

To add value to the statement \”First impression is the best impression\”, your website is the first impression to your client towards getting your deal closed.


Branding is one of the most important things any brand requires. Showcasing your brand to your prospective customers is one of the very strong things every business follows by establishing who they are, what they are, their expertise, why they choose them, and so many other Whys, Hows, Whats Whens. Ownership and control over the content, design, aesthetics and every aspect of your website help you to speak to the consumer about everything you would like to convey. That is why you could call your website a true representation of your brand but not your social media pages.


A website can help the business generate more leads. When a consumer connects to your website and looks at your services and products, he is triggered to start a conversation with you, check more about the content, and maybe get an interest in it. This could lead him/ her to fill the form on your page or contact you via your customer sales/ support.

Due to growth in technology, we can have an interactive landing page on your website or an Artificial Intelligence enabled chatbot or by adding a call or a WhatsApp or any social media button to connect with you.

4.Organic Traffic

Having a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) optimized website could add Nitro Boost to your website to shoot up on the top of google search engine ranking organically. Ranking top on the google search engine could be one of the best achievements for any business because it advertises your website for free in one of the most widely used search engines, which is estimated to have 4 Billion worldwide users among the 4.39 Billion internet users.

5.Online Sales

A business website not only provides a detailed description of your product or service but also can help you generate sales online. Yes, your website can help you sell your products online without wasting money on retailers, distributors, and middlemen. E-commerce websites can be designed without much effort to make your website an online warehouse and an online retail store.

6.Simple & Inexpensive

Developing a website for your website is very simple and it does not add a fortune to your business expenses. These days, you don\’t need to hire a coder or a developer to design a website. You can design a beautiful and fully functional website by learning from YouTube. If you are interested to design your own website, you can check out this step-by-step course video  on \”How to design a Website in less than 60 minutes\” for just Rs. 99/- only. This course provides certification upon successful completion.

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Your website is immortal unless you decide to kill it. Creating all your content and making all your sales and services through a third-party platform is good and could be effortless but the decision relies on the third-party owner whether to keep running his/ her business or to shut it down or to change the working model or restructuring for any reason. When such a thing happens, your business dies or goes through huge damages but when you own your website, it is purely your decision to keep running your website until the business ends. In several cases, the business can continue on the website even after its physical operations are shut.

8.The most important reason

If you don\’t have a digital presence, you are probably hiding. Don\’t do that to your business.

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