Buzz in Mobile Marketing Industry

Buzz in Mobile Marketing Industry

Have you heard the buzz in mobile marketing and wonder what it is, that is gaining a lot of traction. If yes, come along with me I will take you to the journey of this mobile marketing  from the root of origin to what it is and how it is impacting things. Sounds cool right!

Let\’s start

In this social media world, I assume everyone is aware of what this marketing word mean, selling something to someone right but only a masters in business administration know what it is, lets get back to the point we define mobile marketing as one of the digital marketing strategies that enable marketers to reach their target audience more efficiently and conveniently. A more sophisticated and easier way to reach the customer via SMS, Email, and Phone. Without any doubt, mobile marketing can do wonders if done appropriately. It can drive out brand value and demand for the products or services by leveraging mobile device users to connect in real-time until and unless they annoy their audience with too much of a message

When this started?

This industry started gaining traction and much more coverage in the early 2000s when internet industry was booming and people were crazy over internet stuff though at that time it was quite slow and was being used by few companies only as most of the user was still lacking the basic facility of internet and smartphone. With the growth of these two industries, it started growing well according to some recent stats “which says” 98% of generation Z that is people born between the mid-90s and early 2000s owns a smartphone. Also, Google has found that about 50% of B2B queries are made on smartphones which are expected to grow significantly in the coming future. Mobile marketing is part of most sales. According to BCG 2017 report, more than 60% of B2B buyers have purchased using their phones. Mobile devices are responsible for more than 40% of the transactions that people complete online. Enough evidence to show how powerful it is and if you are not using it it’s time to get in.

How to start?

We discussed what it is and how it started now you must be thinking that’s okay but how to get started with it and what are the basic things I need to have to utilize this buzzing marketing for my profitability of the company or for making brand awareness.

The answer to all your question starts with a social presence  Yes ! Social Presence its like having a house in cloud i.e in internet where people can reach in case or concerns or can drop a mail and social presence start with either having a mbile app or website for your company that’s it.

If you want people to often visit your house and admire it you have to make house that good and attractive similarly in internet world you make your website and mobile app engaging and responsive to all the device so user feels good while using and at the end they fire your call to action button that makes doing all such stuff worth doing it instead of visiting each person room and pitching about your company and knowing their interest .

Future Potential

With the rapid enhancement in technology now mobile marketing become more powerful with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and other tracking tools that enable a company to track every single action their user perform in their app and website. From viewing the product to adding it to cart, the company officials have all the data getting stored in their system to take care and analyse for further research and road map of marketing. A user ends up buying a product 60 % times which they saw recently with use of tracking data.

concluding everything we talked about, express the advertising world is changing rapidly and we have to  agile towards the change too and its time to use mobile marketing and have a social presence.

If you have any question regarding this or need a tip to boost your business, feel free to drop us an email [email protected]. We are just a mail away to boost your business.

Saying it again, if you don’t have an online presence, you are probably hiding

Actionable Training

Actionable training in the mobile industry includes:

1. Learn mobile development languages.
2. Take online courses.
3. Attend industry conferences.
4. Engage in coding challenges.
5. Join development communities.
6. Keep updated with industry news.
7. Study mobile marketing strategies.
8. Experiment with AR/VR tech.

Interesting Quizzes

1. *5G*: Lightning-fast mobile networks with low latency.
2. *Foldable Phones*: Transforming smartphones into tablets.
3. *Custom Chips*: Apple’s powerful A15 Bionic.
4. *Augmented Reality*: Merging real and digital worlds.
5. *Android Domination*: Open-source OS on various devices.

Premium Material

“In the ever-evolving mobile industry, 5G technology has taken center stage, promising ultra-fast speeds and low latency. Foldable smartphones are capturing attention with their innovative design, offering a seamless transition between compact and tablet-sized displays. Apple’s A15 Bionic chip is powering their latest devices, setting new benchmarks in performance. Augmented reality applications are transforming the way we interact with the world, and Android continues to dominate as the go-to operating system for a wide range of devices.”

Our Most Popular Courses

1. *Mobile App Development*: Learn to build apps for iOS and Android.
2. *5G Technology*: Understand the latest in high-speed mobile networks.
3. *Augmented Reality (AR) Development*: Create AR experiences.
4. *Mobile Marketing*: Master strategies and app store optimization.
5. *UI/UX Design for Mobile*: Design user-friendly mobile interfaces.
6. *Blockchain for Mobile Apps*: Explore blockchain in mobile development.
7. *Cloud Services for Mobile*: Utilize cloud solutions in mobile apps.
8. *Mobile Security*: Enhance app security and coding practices.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

“Stay competitive in the mobile industry with our professional training. Master app development, 5G technology, AR, mobile marketing, UI/UX design, blockchain integration, cloud services, and mobile security. Be in demand, open doors to new opportunities, and thrive in this dynamic field.”

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