7 things you missed every time you searched something on google.

We use google on a daily basis for all our questions, don’t we? 

But I am pretty sure we missed at least 50% of what google shows in its search results. Do you think you would have missed some too? Maybe or may not be! Let me take you through the 7 things google shows, every time you search something on it.

8 Reasons Why your Business needs a Website in 2021

We are in a time where technology is part and parcel of our life. There is merely no business or a person who isn’t benefited by technology at any given time. As technology keeps growing, access to technology is closer and simpler too. A decade back, sending an email was a big deal but not now. It is as simple as blinking our eyes. But as technologies take up new places in life, some technologies do die. Once a crazy fan of Orkut didn’t turn towards it after Facebook, leading to the death of Orkut ( One of the earliest social media platforms).

Lead Generation - The core of any business

Lead Generation

In this blog series, we are going to learn a lot about lead generation. We will start from the very fundamental to the very deep of lead generation. I am really happy to get your attention to learn something here not from me but with me. Yes, I am learning as you learn. Learning is something that we can never stop in our progressive behavior.

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Buzz in Mobile marketing industry

Have you heard the buzz in mobile marketing and wonder what it is, that is gaining a lot of attraction. If yes, come along with me I will take you to the journey of this mobile marketing from the root of origin to what it is and how it is impacting things. Sounds cool right.Let’s start!In this social media world, I assume everyone is aware of what this marketing word mean, selling and buying something to someone right but only an MBA person know what it is , lets get back to the point we define mobile marketing as one of the digital marketing strategies that enable marketers to reach their target audience more efficiently and conveniently. A more sophisticated and easier way to reach the customer via SMS, Email, and Phone. Without any doubt, mobile marketing can do wonders if done appropriately. 

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